About us

Creation of a harmonious interior which will inspire and gladden its owners for many years is the goal our studio realizes for more than ten years.

All our projects are developed with pleasure and love, thorough attention to all the details, tastes and desires of our customers.

We offer a full range of services:

– Performing our projects we create visual image of the space working out technical feasibility of the fulfilment in minute details;

– Visualizations we make are barely distinguishable from the real interiors;

– If you decide to shift the implementation of the project on our shoulders, we guarantee the highest quality of all remedial works. We cooperate with the best specialists in every field, whether it be construction process, design of engineering systems or materials supply;

– We offer the best furniture, pieces of art, textile from the top European and Scandinavian suppliers; the selection is carried out by us in person at the exhibitions and shows;

We adore the work we do. Many years of experience and close cooperation with our suppliers and partners help us to achieve the main thing – to create an individual interior in correspondence with all the latest trends and innovations in materials and technologies.

We are proud of our consummated projects, and always look forward to meet new customers. We create comfortable and beautiful homes.


SIA ID interiors

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